Tuesday, March 11, 2014

When I Think of Home

"When I think of home, I think of a place where there's love overflowing." - Diana Ross, The Wiz
Babygirl (aka my soon to be 13 year old daughter) and I are moving... again. OK, we don't technically have to move again but I need something that these places we have been in are not giving. Yep, I will not settle down until I feel that homey-at-home feeling. And thus far, I haven't found the perfect spot. I have only found the "for right now" spots. But I am on a mission to find the perfect rental.
Whether we rent a house or an apartment matters very little to me. There are pros and cons to both. I have lived in both and for everything that I love, it comes with something I do not.

For example, apartments tend to come with fast maintenance, free water (and sometimes free trash), sometimes a pool and fitness center with free access, laundry on site, lower utlility bills... but I don't get the same level of privacy, the number of unique apartments available is well... you know, and there is no backyard or quiet place to retreat to.

A house on the other hand allows us to have our own washer and dryer (no more quarters and no weirdo neighbors placing your undies on top of the dryer when they want to use the washing machine... GOSH I HATE THAT!). Houses also have driveways, backyards and front lawns where you can bask in the sunshine and sit on the porch, drinking lemonade while spitting in a cup and watching the neighborhood kids play. Houses sometimes have garages (aka extra storage space. WOOT!). Houses have unique features, especially some of the older ones. And houses make you feel like a bona fide grown up. BUT... houses have higher utility bills. Not only do you have to pay for water and trash, but also lawn maintenance. Oh and if there is a pool... well you have to pay for that too, and trust me, that bill is a doozy. And when repairs need to be made, you don't always get the response time you had hoped for.

I am on a mission friends. After all a house is just a house until someone makes it a home. I am looking for just such the place. One that speaks to my soul. One that makes me want to curl up on a couch and drink tea while watching Steel Magnolias and The Color Purple for the umpteenth time. One that has an awesome kitchen where I can whip up some delicious noms for my friends and family members. And a great spot for a Christmas tree. You know the kind of place I am talking about? A home. That place that people come to and feel so cozy that they fall asleep on your couch. (I LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS! That means they are major comfy and at home in my place).

So this is my mission. And I will not give up until I find it. Wish me luck friends!

xoxo, tami

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