Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Renovating Ideas: Modern Day String Art

When I was a kid, string art was such a huge trend. I remember being in Girl Scouts and creating our own basic string art in a small square of wood during summer camp. I always thought it was so cool. It had visual impact. It was three-dimensional. It was tactile. It was handmade. It was cool!

String art her resurfaced and is better than ever before. Today we have computer technology and graphic design programs to help us create elaborate and unusual ideas. I was looking into some ideas for the gallery wall that I can create with my youngest daughter when I came across some of the most incredible string art ideas and installations. Just take a look at these!
The above string art was created using masterpiece pattern sheets by Mo Man Tai. These work sort of like a paint by numbers sheet for string art. You can purchase them in their shop online. Please note that you will need to convert currency and allow additional time for shipping since Mo Man Tai is located in The Netherlands. Check out this video showing the process for using one of their patterns... looks like it could be fun!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Renovating Ideas: Kate Spade Ampersand

I have a little confession. I have been quietly obsessed with the Kate Spade ampersand for quite a while. In the same way I am over the moon for Anthropologie's use of sustainable materials in their gazillion window and store displays, I am gaga over the way Kate Spade dolls up their wall space. But the Kate Spade ampersand stands out more than anything else on their walls. It's bright. It's pink. And it captures my attention every single time.  

Confession number 2: Sometimes I go into Kate Spade just to see what they've done with their walls. Sure the sales associates roll their eyes at me once they realize I am not there to buy anything, but they'll get over it.

Now, rumor has it that you cannot buy a Kate Spade ampersand ANYWHERE! Apparently they are each hand painted for their stores. Yes, that's right! Kate Spade is DIY-ing! LOVE IT! So I guess that takes me back to the purpose of My Renovated Life... save money and DIY when I want to add a personal touch!

After thinking about this long and hard, I decided I did not want a pink ampersand canvas in my living room. Especially a replica of the Kate Spade ampersand. Why? Because it seems that everybody and their mamma has DIY'd one. And I am not one to follow the crowd so literally but I do want an ampersand of some sort. Here are some of the lovely ampersands I came across.

The ampersand means "and"... for me this symoblizes that there is always something next or added onto to build upon the existing. I love it!

What do you think of the ampersand?

xoxo, tami

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bedroom: Anthropologie Duvets

I am over the moon with Anthropologie duvets! There has never been a time in history that I haven't fallen in love with the selection of gorgeous, plush duvets that they offer. They are replete with texture and three dimensional designs that make me want to jump in the bed and curl up with a book and my boo. But the price tag is a KILLER! Whether I have the money or not isn't the issue. Part of My Renovated Life is being more financially cautious and doing what I can to stockpile my resources in this shaky economic climate.

But if I had my way this is a sampling of the duvets at Anthropologie that make my heart go pitter patter and would look fantastic in my literary boho chic bedroom design!

I cannot stop smiling when I look at them! Alas... I am determined to find a way to get one of these looks into my boudoir come fire and fury!

xoxo, tami

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Renovating Ideas: Repurposed Books

I am a book lover! I have always been an avid reader and I don't like to throw books away. When I was young, I dreamed of living in a mansion and spending my afternoons in it's library where I could lose myself in a land of knights and winged horses and fairies. Alas, I haven't moved into the mansion (yet), but I still love surrounding myself with books.

With the rebirth of vintage, I have become completely smitten with the idea of owning old tattered books. Not to read...just to own them. To feel their energy and bask in their craftsmanship. Old books were replete with gold leafing, embosssed graphics and linen or leather covers.  LOVE IT!

I began collecting vintage books for a wedding I designed last summer and I am now the owner of a massive vintage book collection. I decided to use these in my boho bedroom by repurposing them in a variety of ways, using some of the ideas from the really cool book called The Repurposed Library. However, as I perused the world wide web, I came across some really elaborate ways that people are repurposing books. Check this out:

I am so inspired! And I can't wait to get started on my book repurposing projects after I get my nightstands done and my duvet cover completed! Oh... and the curtains for all of my windows! LOL  In the meantime, check out this lovely little trailer for The Repurposed Library!