Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Renovating Ideas: Kate Spade Ampersand

I have a little confession. I have been quietly obsessed with the Kate Spade ampersand for quite a while. In the same way I am over the moon for Anthropologie's use of sustainable materials in their gazillion window and store displays, I am gaga over the way Kate Spade dolls up their wall space. But the Kate Spade ampersand stands out more than anything else on their walls. It's bright. It's pink. And it captures my attention every single time.  

Confession number 2: Sometimes I go into Kate Spade just to see what they've done with their walls. Sure the sales associates roll their eyes at me once they realize I am not there to buy anything, but they'll get over it.

Now, rumor has it that you cannot buy a Kate Spade ampersand ANYWHERE! Apparently they are each hand painted for their stores. Yes, that's right! Kate Spade is DIY-ing! LOVE IT! So I guess that takes me back to the purpose of My Renovated Life... save money and DIY when I want to add a personal touch!

After thinking about this long and hard, I decided I did not want a pink ampersand canvas in my living room. Especially a replica of the Kate Spade ampersand. Why? Because it seems that everybody and their mamma has DIY'd one. And I am not one to follow the crowd so literally but I do want an ampersand of some sort. Here are some of the lovely ampersands I came across.

The ampersand means "and"... for me this symoblizes that there is always something next or added onto to build upon the existing. I love it!

What do you think of the ampersand?

xoxo, tami

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