Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Renovating Ideas: Modern Day String Art

When I was a kid, string art was such a huge trend. I remember being in Girl Scouts and creating our own basic string art in a small square of wood during summer camp. I always thought it was so cool. It had visual impact. It was three-dimensional. It was tactile. It was handmade. It was cool!

String art her resurfaced and is better than ever before. Today we have computer technology and graphic design programs to help us create elaborate and unusual ideas. I was looking into some ideas for the gallery wall that I can create with my youngest daughter when I came across some of the most incredible string art ideas and installations. Just take a look at these!
The above string art was created using masterpiece pattern sheets by Mo Man Tai. These work sort of like a paint by numbers sheet for string art. You can purchase them in their shop online. Please note that you will need to convert currency and allow additional time for shipping since Mo Man Tai is located in The Netherlands. Check out this video showing the process for using one of their patterns... looks like it could be fun!

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