Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Capsule Wardrobe Project

Have you ever opened your closet, looked inside and then instantly felt depressed over the fact that you have nothing to wear? I mean, you could wear those cool black and brown oxfords you just got but you aren't sure you like how they fit (but they're like, totally in. and you wanted to still be cool) and you don't have a good outfit to go with them. Or you could wear that cute blouse you've had forever but you aren't fan of the length and the fabric is a little itchy. What actually ends up happening is you throw on your usual skinny jeans and plain t-shirt and call it a day. And then, if you are like me, you curse yourself for not wearing your other clothes more often.

This is the story of my life. Up until I read the No Brainer Wardrobe, I had a closet full of things that I really love in theory but then never end up wearing because I don't have pieces that fit with them in a way I'm comfortable with. Or I buy things that I kind of like, or are just ok simply because they're on sale and I feel like I don't have anything in my closet already. BOO!

I'm so over it dot com. My friend Sherries and I have been discussing the idea of a capsule wardrobe. Basically, it's a limited number of basic essentials, usually between 25-40 pieces, (including bottoms, tops, dresses, jackets, shoes) that you mix and match together and wear for an entire season. When the next season begins, you pack up your current season and get the new one out of storage, carrying some items over that can be transitioned. The goal is to have 4 solid "capsule wardrobes" that you can open up and wear each season, replacing 3-4 items each season as you need to.

What is the appeal of this to me? I love the simplicity of it and the idea that you have a closet full of things to wear just by having less. I like the thought of having a closet full of clothes I love rather than mediocre pieces that I bought without a real purpose in mind.

In light of this new discovery, I decided to create a completely new wardrobe for myself. I got rid of every item that I wasn't crazy about. I packed away specialty items, like my sequin party dress. I also stored away my summer clothes and will go through the process curating that at the end of next spring.

Right now this is the plan:

15 TOPS:
+ 1 white graphic tee (already own)
+ 1 white long sleeve tee (need to purchase) - Old Navy
+ 1 ivory circle top (need to purchase) - Urban Outfitters
+ 1 ivory cable knit cardigan (need to purchase) Urban Outfitters
+ 1 light heather grey boyfriend cardigan (need to purchase) - Old Navy
+ 1 grey long sleeve thermal (need to purchase) - Old Navy
+ 1 grey lightweight waterfall cardigan (already own)
+ 1 heather grey "Adore" crew neck sweater (need to purchase) - Old Navy
+ 1 charcoal zipper cardigan (need to purchase) - Old Navy
+ 1 black graphic tee (need to purchase)
+ 1 black mesh detail sleeveless top (thanks to Stitch Fix)
+ 1 striped long sleeve tee (need to purchase) - Urban Outfitters
+ 1 chambray button up (already own)
+ 1 navy maxi cardigan (need to purchase) Urban Outfitters
+ 1 red and black buffalo check shirt (need to purchase) - Old Navy
+ 1 plaid flannel (need to purchase)

+ 1 pair of destroyed skinny jeans (already own)
+ 1 pair distressed boyfriend jeans (need to purchase) - Asos
+ 1 pair black distressed skinny jeans (need to purchase) - Asos
+ 1 pair of black ponte skinny jeans (already own)
+ 1 pair of black zippered skinny pants (already own)
+ 1 pair black faux leather leggings (need to purchase) - Asos

+ 1 dark heather grey short sleeve dress (thanks to Stitch Fix!)
+ 1 black skater dress with short sleeves (Urban Outfitters)

+ 1 black blazer (already own)
+ 1 vintage brown leather jacket (already own)
+ 1 green hooded cargo jacket (need to purchase) - Asos

+ black booties (need to purchase) - Zappos
+ brown booties (need to purchase) - Zappos
+ grey Vans hi tops (need to purchase) - Zappos
+ black Chucks (already own)
+ Ralph Lauren neutral python ballet flats
+ black BCBG strappy heels
+ tan nubuck Timberland boots
+ black moccasin booties (need to purchase) - Zappos

35 items total

As you can see, I don't have to buy a ton of stuff. I am hoping to pick up some of items through Stitch Fix. The rest are easy to find through local stores and online. I'm not counting my work out clothes or undergarments, which I also went through. I know I have a lot of shoes but I just really love all of them and I believe shoes can make or break your outfit. What I'm lacking are basics.

Now what to do? I need to ramp up my shoe game because I have mostly sandals right now and that is no bueno for the chilly weather.

Because I am on a journey and starting from scratch, I decided to focus on building this capsule wardrobe in time for Spring.

The craziest thing happened after I decided to do this; I looked inside my closet and I immediately felt like I had a lot to wear and a good game plan. You would think with more choices in a jam-packed closet you'd feel you had more to wear and by taking everything out I'd feel the exact opposite. I've gotten rid of all of the background noise, and see only the things I truly love. I'm really excited for this new journey in my own style. I'm hoping that by finding and creating a small collection of pieces I love that I'll spend less time deciding what to wear and less time hating what I'm wearing.

The first step of this little experience has been completely eye opening. I honestly believe EVERYONE could benefit from at least the very first step: taking every thing out of your closet and with a very critical and honest mind, only put back the things you really love.

 What do you think? Would you be willing to drastically reduce your wardrobe like this and create a small array of basics you can mix and match for an entire season?

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