Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Step 3: I'm Not a Girl {Babygirl's Room Design: Painting Over Dark Paint}

Hey everyone! We are moving right along with babygirl's room design. Now that we have our gameplan determined and we planned out the space, it was time to tackle our first order of business... painting her walls.

(for a list of our upcoming projects, click HERE)

When we first viewed our new home, babygirl was really excited about the room that would become hers. It was larger than any previous room she had and she loved the vaulted ceilings, wooden floors and white ceiling fan. But the wall color! GAH! A friend of mine said it looked like Mystery Mix flavored Now and Laters! She was right. (Unfortunately, I searched for a photo of this popular 80s candy, but alas there are none. If someone finds one, I'd love it if you would send it my way.)

This is what I was faced with.... (pray for me)
HIDEOUS! The green-yellow is even more shocking in person and the eggplant purple... well.... let's just say my daughter was speechless. She is never speechless. So it was time to find the right color. We took a quick trip to Home Depot and picked up a sample can of Behr flat paint in Green Aqua.
{because her life isn't complete unless she stamps her room with her favorite word... don't ask}

We learned a few things. The color was too light. And, while I knew I needed primer for the purple wall, I found I might need one as well for the chartreuse, baby poop colored walls as well. YUK! So back to Home Depot we went, where I consulted with the guy in the paint department {Can I just add that I always get the most amazing help from the employees at Home Depot}. From there we learned we could purchase a quart of Kilz Premium Primer to cover the purple and probably be fine with a paint and primer in one by Behr, tinted in the color of choice.

The guy at Home Depot was so awesome. When babygirl told him she thought her sample was too light but that the next color on the paint card was too dark, he offered to tint her paint a color that falls somewhere between the two. She was so thrilled.

So back home the work commenced. What a job. The vaulted ceilings in our rooms reach 15 feet high. I had to stand near the top of the ladder. Vertigo anyone? Soooo scary! But being the trooper that I am, I said my prayers and got the job done for my kiddo. 
WHOA! One coat of primer on that purple wall and look at the difference! I was geeked. and then...

FAIL REPORT: I stepped in the paint tray filled with green aqua gooeyness in my bare feet... and then Kai decided he should copy me. So I spent the next 25 minutes washing my feet and scrubbing paw prints and foot prints off of the floor before it dried completely. Yeah... I blame that word DERP that Babygirl painted on the wall. 

Moving along, the paint and primer all in one by Behr covered the walls splendidly.
The new color was looking a little bit drab but as I continued making my way around the room, I realized that the coloring was affected by the reflection of that neon yellow-green. The end result is quite pretty. Check it out.
YAY! Feels so good to have this done. Babygirl is so in love with it that when she saw her room she literally jumped up and down smiling saying,  "Mom is looks sooooo good!" My mission is complete! 

(Oh don't you worry, those curtains are going soon!)

Next up we DIY a string pendant lamp and ombre macrame lamp cord. Hope you will follow along.


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  1. I love it! The color combination is very pretty and soothing. I think it's a good look for a teeny bopper.