Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I'm Not A Girl {Babygirl's Room Design: The Beginning}

Hi everyone! I took a month-long break because things have been very busy for us! Babygirl and I moved into our new house. And then my business got SUPER busy during the month of May, but we are back in action and ready to make some progress with her room design.

I have a strong belief that you should live in a space that you truly love no matter how much or how little money you have to spend. I love making over thrift store finds and creating knockoffs of big-name designs. And that is exactly what we have planned for this teen girl's room. I hope you will join me on this lovely journey and learn a few tricks.... and hopefully you will be inspired and find ways to incorporate some of these ideas into your own home. I am not formally educated in interior design, nor do I have any real experience. But I know how I want things to look, I am a perfectionist and I love a challenge. And if I can do this, you can too.

Here is a list of the posts you can expect to see in this upcoming series that I am calling "I'm Not a Girl {Babygirl's Room Design}":

Step 1: The Gameplan

Step 2: Spatial Planning

Step 3: Painting Over Dark Paint

Step 4: DIY String Pendant Lamp and Ombre Cord {Part 1}

Step 5: DIY String Pendant Lamp and Ombre Cord {Part 2}

Step 6: DIY Dreamcatcher

Step 7: Closet Makeover

Step 8: Side Table Makeover

Step 9: Window Treatment with Tie Back

Step 10: DIY Feather Framed Art

Step 11: DIY Rosette Accent Pillow

Step 12: DIY Felted Pillow

Step 13: DIY Feather Pillow Cover

Step 14: DIY Smocked Accent Pillow

Step 15: DIY Ruffle Accent Pillow

Step 16: Anthro Knock-off Twill Tie Quilt {Part 1}

Step 17: Anthro Knock-off Twill Tie Quilt {Part 2}

Step 18: DIY Bean Bag Chair

Step 19: Thrift Store Dresser Makeover

Step 20: DIY Table Lamp

Step 21: Sources for the Details

Step 22: The Before and After

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