Tuesday, October 7, 2014

DIY Juice Cleanse: Day 1 Thoughts

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* Having juiced the night before, I woke up really excited to get started! Most mornings I’m not hungry until around 9 or 10am, but my stomach was actually growling by 8am. I started to worry that I was going to be hungry all day…and then I gulped down my first juice. There is an insane amount of produce that goes into each juice recipe, probably more than a lot of people eat in an entire day. It tasted bright and sunshine-y (if that makes sense). I actually enjoyed it a lot and felt more energized with every sip.

 * I had my first feeling of slight dread last night when I was washing the juicer after creating drink #1, Glow. Am I really going to have to do this five more times tonight and every night for the next couple of nights? Yes, yes I am. Washing the juicer after each juice flavor and repeating it again the next evening is a mini job in itself. If I had to get up and leave to work in an office or studio, I’d definitely need to schedule this for the weekend. And if my work-from-home schedule were super busy with lots of conference calls, this would be tricky. Thankfully my busy season is winding down!

* I feel a little weird. I’m not hungry, but my stomach also feels kind of empty? It’s tough to put into words. As suspected, I also got slightly shaky around lunchtime, so I ate a small salad. More than I anticipated but at least that's the only solid food I had all day and at least it's healthy for me.

* I did something new this time around...I continued with my exercise regime at mid-morning. It felt good to exercise  but I am not sure it was the best idea. About two hours later I had a massive headache because I burned off more energy than the fuel reserves in my body could handle. Perhaps this wasn't the week to pump up the volume...

* I hit a giant wall around 2pm, after I got sucked into a work project and missed my “lunch” by almost two hours. BIG MISTAKE. My head started pounding and I could not down that red juice fast enough. Unfortunately, the juice did little to alleviate my headache and it actually made me kind of nauseated.

* I tried to take a nap a little later (didn't happen – I am a very bad napper) and I waited it out for another hour, but my headache turned into what felt like a migraine. That’s where my juice cleanse took a detour. I ate a cheese tamale from Trader Joe's and took a 500mg ibuprofen, which I normally try to avoid but this headache was that bad. For a moment I felt like I disappointed myself, but you know what? My purpose in doing this juice cleanse is to feel good not sick. I think this is a really important takeaway, and there’s no reason to feel physically ill for the sake of saying I stuck to juicing exclusively for three days.

* I crashed across my bed after a nice hot shower with a cold compress across my eyes in my very dark bedroom at 9:30pm...  BOO!

I feel pumped and excited so far, even with my head on blast and despite the cleaning and preparing that I have to face tonight.

Let the Day 2 fun begin!

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