Monday, May 14, 2012

Renovating Ideas: Ikat Print

I have been a fan of Ikat print long before it became the current trend it is today. Well, I also love chevron but there is something about the tribal look of Ikat that warms up a space, giving it visual interest, texture and depth. Plus it makes me smile.

I have been toiling over a look for my living room. I started with this idea of doing Aubergine and Chocolate, however I have since moved from that apartment into a really cool building that has loads of windows and light and have since thrown the original idea to the wind. I still like it but I've decided to go another route.

Enter Ikat... I'm pretty much set on going the Ikat route. The issue now is curated a collection of accessories, lamps and rugs and editing the room do that it is beautiful in a thoughtful way without looking gaudy. Below are some gorgeous looks I've come across that I'm using ad inspiration.

What do you think about Ikat? Trendy or timeless?

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