Friday, May 18, 2012

Inspired Design: Living Room/Workspace

Indecisive? Yes, that would be me! I've literally changed my mind about my living room design a gazillion times. I love so many things that the hardest part of creating a curated design is focus and editing. (I will tackle the subject of focus and creative process in another post).

After much soul searching, I've finally come up with the design I am going with FINALLY! And I promise not to change my mind again. Pinky swear!!

I looked around at the pieces in my home that I loved the most and also asked myself why I am usually drawn towards historical buildings over modern and contemporary when I look for a dwelling place. Although I don't really know the root of my love for antiques and period pieces, I do know that I've been enamored by it for quite some time.

When I was a teen, living in Florida, my parents took us on a day trip to visit Thomas Edison's winter home in Ft. Myers. (This was one of many trips my parents took us on where I had a great time but I pretended to hate being there just to torture my, I did some dumb things when I was a teen! LOL) At any rate, I enjoyed myself immensely. Edison's home and the grounds are gorgeous. but most fascinating to me was his lab. His creative genius came alive in that room. I could feel his energy and spirit there. He mixed potions and tested filament light bulbs and basically allowed himself to develop into the great inventor that he was known to be.

Seriously, how great are his beakers and test tubes and apothecary jars? I love it!!

I thought about the movies I gravitate towards. My favorites are The Color Purple, Sherlock Holmes and The Time Machine...more for the movie set design than for the actual storyline, although I have enjoyed the story. But the masculinity of it...the antiques, rich tapestries, ornate wood carvings, textures and layers of visual interest get me most excited.

I think it's important to stay away from trends in home design. Your home is an extension of you. It should feel like a warm blanket. It should excite you and entice you.

I need an environment that speaks to my true inner self and that inspires me towards creativity without limitations. And this is what I've come up with:

Edison Travels is about invention (reinventing self; creating new ideas and concepts) and travel (exploring new territory; opening my world to new experiences).

Clocks to represent moments in time; maps to represent expanding my territory; apothecary jars to represent creating potions of healing and restoration; telescopes to represent looking past the right now and out into the future; suitcases to represent the travel I plan to have; books to represent feeding the mind; succulents in terrariums to represent protecting and sustaining life during a dry spell; leather for durability; iron pipes to represent strength and endurance; reclaimed wood to represent bringing new life to old situations.

I want neutral tones and a masculine/industrial feel. I am from the Midwest and most of my family members have worked in or are still working in factories, on assembly lines and operating heavy machinery to build with their hands the items we use in our homes. This design concept is very ME in more ways than I can list and I'm very excited about this. (Geesh, it only took me 9 months to pull a design out that represents my true self!)

Here is my list of DIY projects to bring this inspiration to a reality:
1. Strip paint from table desk and schoolhouse chair. (Yes, this is the same desk I painted white a few months to be stripped and undergo a process to age the wood
2. Build a bookshelf for the back of the sofa
3. Build a vintage industrial light fixture pendant
4. Build a industrial task light for the desk using a filament bulb and iron pipe
5. Sew curtains for the windows using drop cloths
6. Create curtain rods
7. Create a floor runner for my workspace area
8. Build an office console to house my printer, supplies, binders, etc.
9. Sew up a few throw pillows for my sofa

Boy oh boy, do I have my work cut out for me. But I'm determined and there's no going back. I've already purchased the chemicals and tools needed to strip my desk and chair.

I'll be documenting my process so stay tuned! (oh and did I mention I still intend to sew up a shower curtain and window curtain for my bathroom soon...EEK!)

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  1. It's a very exciting project on creating office space that you've featured here. Will definitely stay tuned for more.