Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Discovering My Workspace

I have this really unique area in my living room that apparently used to be a closet once upon a time. I have no idea what prompted the building owner to remove the closet door and allow this to be an extension of the living room, but I am sorta glad it is.

Because we live in a very old apartment building, the rooms are not exactly big. So, it was imperative that I find a place to have my home office/workspace. I absolutely will not use my dining table or sofa or bed as a work area. I need to be able to turn my back on the activity of the home and focus. If I can't have a room for an office than I need a space for it.

I initially considered finding a way to create a space in my bedroom but I don't think I would sleep well in there knowing my work is within eyesight. So I nixed that idea.

I kept looking at this former closet space, thinking perhaps I could build a wall unit in there and house an entertainment center with a television and sound system and then I remembered that we don't really watch much TV in our home. (yes, I actually had to make myself remember that!) With the advent of laptops and iPads, it is rare you will see anyone watching the actual television and when we do turn on something via Netflix or Hulu or DVD, each of us generally watches our own thing on our own device with our own headphones on. As such, my home is generally a very quiet place.

{I have special plans for that table coming up in a future post. Yum Yum Kitty just had to get into the shot...she's such a camera whore}

That is when I decided that this former closet would make a perfect workspace, politely tucked a little bit away from the general living room area so that I can focus on the work at hand but not enough so that I am in a separate room. As you can see, my living room is a very dark room. Even on the sunniest days we beg the sunlight to please grace us with it's beams. This is in large part due to the massive brick building merely a few feet away from our building which happens to block most of the sunlight we could even imagine getting. This means lots of light needs to be brought in.

Sure there is a ceiling fan in the middle of the room, unusually large for the space, but it doesn't give off the type of light I would like for this area. And it doesn't do much to brighten up the workspace. Therefore, it is a REAL issue to brighten up this space as much as possible. And as you know, my color palette isn't exactly bright and sunny so I will need to be a bit creative.

Nevertheless, my first project has begun. Can't wait to show you what I have planned for this little corner that I can call my own.


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