Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Renovating My Body: 30-Day Raw Food Challenge

If you have been following My Renovated Life, you have had an opportunity to see that I am not just a FAB event planner. You actually have been able to peek inside my home and see the transformation I am making to my humble abode. But the purpose of this blog is to not only journal the renovation of my living and work spaces, but also the house that I carry with me everyday - my mind and my body.

I spent the majority of my life at a whopping 95 pounds. However, over the last three years I have gained nearly 40 pounds. Although some may look at me and my 135 pound frame and think, "Oh you look great! A little weight is good for you!" I look at myself and can't believe what I see. No matter how you slice it 40 pounds is a lot of weight gain for anyone. And when you are used to your body looking a certain way and then it no longer does, it's disappointing. It's not about what people say when they look at you. It's about how you feel when you look at yourself.

Well, when I look at myself, I am NOT happy. AT ALL. Further, I recently experienced a very scary medical condition with my pancreas and the consumption of bad fat. So, I decided to go on a 30-day raw food diet during the month of January beginning the day after Christmas. I have no idea if I will make it for the entire 30 days but I damn sure am going to try. I need to be healthier, feel healthier and maybe lose at least 10 pounds.

I promised you a peek inside my life and I meant it! I am nervous about this and scared to do it. I will need to exercise which is something I have never really done much of. I have a feeling I will try to wimp out and give up. I know I will crave cooked foods and meats and iced tea! I will probably also go through a few things emotionally and physically as I adjust but I am really praying for an increase in energy, better sleep at night and an overall good feeling about my body, how it looks and how it feels.

Just after Christmas, I plan to share a photo of how I used to look when I was a Skinny Minnie and how I look currently when I put on a tight fitting dress. You are welcome to follow along as I chop and blend and chew my way to a healthier me for the start of 2012.

xoxo - tami

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